• Company Activities

    2,500 tons of meat imports from Brazil in order to meet the needs of the country
    Import 180,000 tons of soybean meal to eat poultry owners association for animal feed
    Livestock feeding more than 150 production units
    Seasoning factory Export Manager
    Rural cooperative union representative on the export of manufactured items
    And representative international consulting company Vadys the vote on the sale of goods
    Development of the export company representative Niksa
    Consulting and gardening union representative in the country of export
    Company representative Hepco Company
    (Sales representative homeland Nahl (honey
    Frvshshrkt representative dairy products Pazhn

  • About Aramis Tejarat Company

    Iran has tended to growth and prosperity of our country. The company holds a degree in international marketing and sales of foreign sales and customs affairs
    Aramis company is active in the food industry and agricultural products in the field of meat imports from Brazil and export of all agricultural commodities and food products to Asian and European countries operates. At present the company in the food industry in terms of sales and management consulting companies export work to do

Company executives Aramis

Ramin Ghasemi

Ramin Ghasemi

Member of the Board
Nasrin Ghasemi

Nasrin Ghasemi

Chairman of the Board
Mohammad Amin Ghasemi

Mohammad Amin Ghasemi